Norwegian Roundnet Championship (NM)
Norges Idrettshøgskole- Sognsveien 220, 0863 Oslo
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Please choose which division you would like to compete in. Advanced and Intermediate/ Beginner is open to everyone. Women´s division is for women only.
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Which city (if any) will your team be representing? (Or where will you be traveling from)
We understand we must pay a TEAM registration fee in order to be officially registered. Vipps: Roundnet Norway 573908 *
Early bird registration fee is 250kr if you register before July 21, 23:59. After this date; 350kr. Registration closes August 28, 23:59.
We agree to the cancellation policy. *
A team may cancel and get their WHOLE registration fee back until August 15, 23:59. A team may cancel and get HALF their registration fee back until August 28, 23:59. If a team cancels after this time, they will receive no money back.
Be sure to join the event on Facebook to stay connected and receive important details leading up to the event. We look forward to seeing you!
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