Wash Against Waste Booking Form
Please use this form to request a booking for our mish-mash of miss-matched cutlery, crockery & signage for your waste free event.

Once you have completed this form it will be sent to Renee & Eryn at the Newtown Community & Cultural Centre, who will get in contact with to let you know if the items you'd like to borrow are available on the dates you need them.

You will need to pick the items up from and return them to the Newtown Community & Cultural Centre on the corner of Rintoul & Colombo Streets, Newtown, between the hours of 9am-4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Eryn and Renee are around most of the time, but it pays to call ahead in case they are out at a meeting etc. They can be reached on 04 389 4786.

There will be a refundable bond of between $50-$150 which you will need to pay when you pick up the items. This will be refunded on return of items clean, dry and in one piece. You will also need to sign our guideline sheet which you can download here: https://tinyurl.com/ycx84usp (we have copies available at the Community Centre).

There is no hire fee to borrow the cutlery and crockery, however we welcome donations which will go directly to expanding the kit and making it accessible to a wider range of groups.

If you will be reusing the crockery and cutlery multiple times at your event, the Wellington City Council Environment Health Officers strongly recommend the use of a dishwasher or steriliser between uses to keep things hygienic. All cutlery and crockery will be sterilised on return to the Newtown Community Centre, before being loaned out to another borrower.

Please note: the cutlery and crockery we have is NOT a uniform set, but an odd collection of assorted pieces from op-shops.

If you have any questions about Wash Against Waste, you can call them on 04 389 4786 or email them on info@newtowncommunity.org.nz.

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