2021 Bryce Canyon Crew Member & Pacer Registration
You are required to register one crew member for this race. Please fill out this form to get them registered. If you are using one or more pacer, you can register them here as well. Getting your crew and pacers registered early will assist in our efforts to stay in compliance with local guidelines and restrictions. You will receive your crew and pacer bibs when you pick up your race bib. Thank you!
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Participants running ultra distance event are permitted to have a pace runner (also referred to as safety runner/pacer/running partner) accompany them during the race. As a race participant, I accept the following terms and conditions of the Waiver and Release: I wish to enter the following people as participants in the 2021 Bryce Canyon Ultras as a pace runner for myself. I accept the rules, conditions, and regulations of this event and will comply with them. I verify that my pacers have sufficiently trained to participate in the capacity of pacer/pace runner/safety runner/running partner and are in good health. They are capable of making rational decisions and judgments for the safety and welfare of themselves and for me while on course. The real meaning of this release is that the Vacation Races, Inc. events represent extreme and unknown risks to me and my pacer for which I freely and voluntarily agree to be solely responsible. I agree to comply with all the rules, conditions, and regulations governing participation in the Vacation Races Events. I understand that both me any my pacers should be familiar with the trails. We have been advised that the conditions and hazards we are likely to encounter include physical injury from a variety of natural factors including but not limited to rocky, steep, and uneven trail surfaces, poison oak/ivy, lack of potable water, extremes of cold and heat, rattlesnakes, wild animals, lightning storms; and non-natural factors including but not limited to lack of emergency vehicular access and hazards of running along or across roadways during the day and night (including, without limitation, exposure to the risk of injury from passing vehicles). I have also been warned that both me and my pacers should be in excellent physical shape and adequately conditioned to run 25+ miles of trail under adverse conditions, and that our conditioning ought to have been confirmed by a recent physical examination (including stress electrocardiogram) conducted by a physician of my own choice. In accepting this waiver, I, intending to be legally bound, agree that I, my pacers, my heirs, executors, and administrators, release any and all claims for damages I may have against Vacation Races, Inc., any official sponsor entity, officers, directors, members, volunteers, agents and employees of each, all medical and other personnel assisting with the ultrarunning event, their representatives, successors, and assigns, from any and all rights, claims, or liability for damage including court costs and attorneys' fees directly or indirectly arising from any action or other proceeding brought by or prosecuted for my benefit, for any and all injuries to me or my property or damage caused by me or anyone else (including Acts of God), arising out of or in connection with our participation in this event, including death. I have read this waiver of liability, and I agree with and understand its contents. I attest and verify that I know participating in an ultra race can be a potentially hazardous activity and have sufficiently trained and know I am running at my own risk. I will additionally permit the free use of my name and pictures and my pacers name and pictures in broadcasts, telecasts, newspapers, etc. My pacers were voluntarily talked into being here. This release extends to all claims of every kind and nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown to me. *
You are responsible for making sure your crew member and pacer(s) are aware of this waiver. *
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