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I would like to join the PTC EAGLES Pathfinder Club. I will attend club meetings, hikes, camping and field trips, missionary adventures and other club activities. I agree to be guided by the rules of the club and the Pathfinder Pledge and Law. I understand a registration fee ($35/$25 siblings) will be due by the first meeting.
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Pathfinder Pledge and Law
Pathfinder Pledge                                          Pathfinder Law                                                                                                                  By the grace of God                                       Keep the Morning Watch                                                                                                    I will be pure, kind and true                           Do my honest part                                                                                                               I will keep the Pathfinder Law                      Care for my body                                                                                                                 I will be a servant of God                              Keep a level eye                                                                                                               And a friend to man                                       Be courteous and obedient                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
                                                                          Walk softly in the sanctuary                                                                                              
                                                                          Keep a song in my heart                                                                                                    
                                                                          Go on God's errands
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Please list all the email addresses you wish to receive updates: Pathfinder's, mother's, father's E-mail
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School related programs (Band, Choir, etc...)
Approval by Parents or Guardians
We have read the Pathfinder Pledge and Law and are willing and desirous that the applicant become a Pathfinder. We will assist the applicant in observing the rules of the Pathfinder organization. In consideration of the benefits derived from membership, we hereby voluntarily waive any claim against the club or the Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for any accidents which may arise in connection with the activities of the Pathfinder Club. As parents we understand that the Pathfinder Club program is an active one for the applicant. It includes many opportunities for service, adventure, and fun. We will cooperate:
1. By learning how we can assist the applicant and his leaders.
2. By encouraging the applicant to take an active part in all activities.
3. By attending events to which parents are invited.
4. By assisting club leaders and by serving as leaders if called upon.
5. By supplying needed information on the Membership Application as well as Health and Medical Form.
6. By making sure the applicant is present and on time to all functions.
The following information will be used for all club activities this calendar year -Please note on the event permission form if there are any changes from this information.
All events will be sponsored by the Georgia-Cumberland Conference and/or the PEACHTREE CITY SDA Church, I have completed the GCC Pathfinder Health and Medical Form detailing my child’s complete medical history. I do hereby state that said child is physically and medically able to participate in the club activities. I do hereby release and discharge the PEACHTREE CITY SDA Church and its authorized representatives and staff from all liability of any kind and character upon any claim, demand, or cause of action which might be asserted in behalf of said minor and/or myself against the PEACHTREE CITY SDA Church, representatives, or staff. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, if said staff or representatives are unable to contact the undersigned, I hereby grant permission to said staff or representative to administer first aid, and/or to take the applicant to a medical facility for treatment.

I hereby give my consent for said child to ride the vehicles provided to any Pathfinder-related activities. I also release all photos and videos taken for Pathfinder promotions. This consent shall remain in continuous effect until revoked in. I give permission to print and photocopy this form. A photocopy of this form shall be as effective and valid as the original.
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By submitting this form, I give consent for transportation, video-photography, and medical care. I type my name in lieu of my signature. *
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