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Under each game heading there is a drop down menu with a list of tasks, please choose the times, days and jobs that work for you!

Games are played throughout the day, so please consider helping out at a weekday afternoon game if your schedule allows for it. If a task is listed on the form, we still need help with it.

PLEASE NOTE: This form will only let you select one task per game. If you are able to do more, please choose one and indicate any other jobs you can do in the "notes" space a the end of the form, or email

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Game 1 - Saturday, July 20th 12pm start (Opening Ceremony at 11:00am)
Game 2 - Saturday, July 20th 3pm start
Game 3 - Saturday, July 20th 6pm start
Game 4 - Sunday, July 21st 9am start
Game 5 - Sunday, July 21st 12pm start
Game 6 - Sunday, July 21st 3pm start (Skills Competition at 6:00pm)
Game 7 - Monday, July 22nd 12pm start
Game 8 - Monday, July 22nd 3pm start
Game 9 - Monday, July 22nd 6pm start
Game 10 - Tuesday, July 23rd 12pm start
Game 11 - Tuesday, July 23rd 3pm start
Game 12 - Tuesday, July 23rd 6pm start
Game 13 - Wednesday, July 24th 12pm start
Game 14 - Wednesday, July 24th 3pm start
Game 15 - Wednesday, July 24th 6pm start
Game 16 - Thursday, July 25th 12pm start
Game 17 - Thursday, July 25th 3pm start
Game 18 - Thursday, July 25th 6pm start
Game 19 - Friday, July 26th 12pm start
Game 20 - Friday, July 26th 3pm start
Game 21 - Friday, July 26th 6pm start
Game 22 - Saturday, July 27th 12pm start (Semi-Final 1)
Game 23 - Saturday, July 27th 3pm start (Semi-Final 2)
Game 24 - Sunday, July 28th 12pm start (Final Game & Medal Presentation)
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