BB&CP 3,500 Fan Celebration

As always I must thank YOU for being a fan! If you weren't here we wouldn't be hosting this fantastic Celebration. I am so honored to host this on my blog with some crafty, talented & VERY giving ladies involved.
That said please take a minute out of your day to pop over to EACH of their pages and give a big THANK YOU! Winners will be chosen via Winner MUST be a fan of BB&CP & the sponsors page.

Please read carefully some prizes are "just pay shipping". THIS IS A US & CANADA ONLY GIVEAWAY.

Lets get to the fun & easy part. Click the items you wish to win! & Don't forget to LIKE our sponsors when you're done. :)

*This giveaway has no connection to blogger or facebook. Prizes are from individual shops. Thank You*

Giveaway ends on 2/24/2012 at 9AM. Thanks.

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