Shine and Grind Podcast Audience Survey
Hello Shine and Grind Community. We are almost at the half-way point of our year. We want to get your feedback on the shows we've produced thus far. Take a few minutes to complete the survey so we can better serve you and address your concerns during our podcast season. We value you and want to provide the content to help you Grow, Do and Repeat.
What is a major struggle for you to grow spiritually?
If other, what type of challenge do you currently face?
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Which episode topics did you find most helpful?
If you selected other, what topics would you like us to cover?
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What types of resources would help you grow spiritually?
Has the show helped you solve a problem in the past?
What problem, if any, has the show helped you solve?
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What time and day would you prefer to hear new episodes on the podcast?
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Where do you listen to podcast?
Have you subscribed to the podcast?
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