2017 Surf Coast Youth Survey (for 12-25 year old's)
This survey, which is totally anonymous, will help shape the Surf Coast for young people. Help us out! We really appreciate it!

Parents and adults, who engage with young people, are also invited to complete the 'Adult/Parent Survey'. This survey can be found at https://goo.gl/forms/YEn5Ke5HIgnma1212

Are you....
How old are you?
What Town do you live in?
Do you go to school, uni, TAFE or equivalent?
Do you currently have paid work?
In the past year, have you been involved in the following groups?
What is important to you when deciding to participate in the above mentioned activities/groups
Not Important
Slightly Important
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Extremely Important
Having the skills to do the activity
Type of group/activity
My friends go
Parent permission
Transport (able to get there)
In the PAST YEAR, what was YOUR number one issue of personal concern?
Your answer
What needs to be done about your number one issue of concern?
Your answer
in the PAST YEAR, how important have each of the following been in YOUR life?
Not important
Slightly important
Somewhat important
Very important
Extremely important
Employment advice/support/guidance
Family relationships
Financial security
Friendships (other than family)
Getting a job
Physical health
Mental health
School or study satisfaction
in the PAST YEAR, how concerned have YOU been about the following?
Not important
Slightly important
Somewhat important
Very important
Extremely important
Body Image
Bullying/emotional abuse
Coping with stress
Enviromental issues
Family conflict
Personal safety
School or study problems
Youth crime
Which of the following would you go to for help with important issues in your life?
Community agency (like headspace)
Relative/family friend
School counsellor
Telephone helpline (eg Kids Helpline)
Online counselling website
How important is the following when attending youth services
Not important
Slighty Important
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Extremely Important
Location (distance to travel to get there)
Type of Building/facility (Youth Only or shared with other ages)
Cost to attend/access services
Privacy regarding your personal information
Youth Friendly
Type of service (doctor, youth worker, mental health service)
If you ever needed it, how likely would you access a service for the following on the Surf Coast?
Not likely
Slightly Likely
Somewhat Likely
Very Likely
Extremely Likely
Drug and Alcohol support
Employment Advice/help
Family Support
Mental health
Physical Health check/treatment
Sexual identity
Sexual health
On average, how many hours do you spend on devices (technology) each day?
"Devices" include ipads, phones, laptops, TVs etc.
How would you describe the amount of time you spend on devices
What do you do on 'devices' most of the time?
What do you think are the three most important issues in AUSTRALIA today?
Your answer
What do you think are the three most important issues on the SURF COAST today?
Your answer
How happy are you with your life as a whole?
Very sad
Very happy
How would you describe your thoughts about the future?
How SAFE do you feel when walking alone in any Surf Coast town after dark?
Is there anyone you can turn to, if you are in trouble or a crisis?
Which of these forms of drug use do you think is a SERIOUS CONCERN for the Surf Coast region?
How much control do you feel you have over your life?
No Control
Complete Control
I have high Self Esteem
Not Very True of me
Very True of me
What does the Surf Coast region need most for young people?
How should the Surf Coast Shire Council engage with Young people
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