Remote Learning Survey
United 304 would like feedback on how remote learning has gone for you and your student. Using this information will help guide us in the event that we would need to use these means at any other time throughout our school years. To gather the best data possible, we are asking parents of multiple students to fill out a form for each student. All answers are anonymous unless you provide email information later in the survey.
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Grade Level *
Does your student have access to an adult when they are to be completing school work?
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How has the workload for your student been since the move to remote learning?
Has your student been able to progress through their activities on their own?
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My child has had real time connections with their teachers on average *
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I find the real-time connections (Zoom, Hangouts, etc.) between my child and their teacher to be valuable.
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How much time have you spent supporting your student during remote learning - on average per day
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What best describes your student's attitude toward remote learning?
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What type of activities served your student best? *
What has gone well during remote learning?
What has not gone well during remote learning?
May we contact you for further questions regarding remote learning? If so, please provide us your email address, otherwise all submissions will remain anonymous.
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