Parent/Guardian Climate Survey 2019
Dear Parent,
By completing this survey, you are providing us with important information that will help improve your child's school.
Thank you for your assistance.
How many children in your household are currently attending OPS?
Your answer
In what grade(s) is your child? Mark all that apply
I like the school my child/children attend.
Other parents like this school.
My child looks forward to going to school.
In general, my child tries hard in school.
This school has a clear process for addressing my concerns.
Parental input is important to the school administrators.
Parents and teachers work as a team to educate my child.
My child's school makes an effort to keep me informed about what is going on in school.
Students usually resolve conflicts without fighting, insults, or threats.
There is at least one adult (administrator, teacher, staff) at this school that students feel they can talk to when they have a problem.
My child's school is a safe place.
The school provides opportunities for social and emotional discovery.
The students show respect for other students.
Students help new students feel respected.
The discipline system treats all students fairly.
My child receives additional academic services (after school, tutoring, etc.) if he or she is struggling academically.
The school uses innovative curriculum that is appropriate for my child.
Overall, the school performs well academically.
Students work well together.
The school succeeds at preparing my child to learn at home.
My child's teacher helps me to help my child learn at home.
I regularly attend open houses, parent-teacher conferences, or other parent meetings.
I keep myself aware of school programs and activities by means of: (Select all that apply)
I find the Board of Education is approachable and responsive.
What do you think would help your child improve academically?
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What do you think the school should continue to do?
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What do you think the school should stop doing?
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What do you think the school should start doing?
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