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By joining the association, I agree to respect its rules and regulations available to me within the association.
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- Non-Workers must pay membership fee of at least 10 €.
- Workers have to pay membership fee of at least 30 €.
- Persons belonging to a subset of A.C.A. e.V. (Ndambafoot, Voix de l'Harmonie) belong, receive a 50% discount on membership fees. Please pay your membership dues to the officials in these subgroups.
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**You can find the rules of procedure on our website or you can get it from us by email on request. You must read this if you want to join the association
Please be aware, that you will become a member of the association, when we have studied your application and you pay your membership fees at the following bank account:

Sparkasse Aachen
Kontonummer: 3049764
Bankleitzahl: 390 500 00
IBAN: DE17 3905 00000003 0497 64

Please do not forget to mention the reason of payement ("membership fees + last Name + first Name" for example). You can also do the payment in cash. In this case, please contact our treasurer.
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