Health Log
This needs to be filled out for 14 days prior to departure/travel and needs to be filled out every day until the season starts (so 14 days before you meet up to carpool from Ontario, every day of your trip and until you arrive in Camp)...For a lot of you, that means you need to start tracking now!
If there are days where you will not have access to wifi, please keep track of symptoms, temperature and interactions in your community and you can submit the form when you have access to wifi. Please make sure the dates are representative of the date of the record - not necessarily the date you filled out the form!

If you have questions...Planters, please reach out to your Foreman. Support/Cooks/Foremen please reach out to your Supervisor!
Date (this is the date of the record, not necessarily todays date). *
Full Name *
What crew are you on? (Management, select supervisor name) *
Body Temperature
Unit of Measurement used
Clear selection
Time temperature was taken
How did you take your temperature? *
These symptoms have been associated with COVID-19, please check any and all boxes that represent what you experienced today. *
If you checked any boxes above, please let us know when you started experiencing these symptoms and if you have noticed any changes in your symptoms?
Please list any medications you have taken today for your symptoms (name, dosage, frequency).
If you did not feel well, but none of the options listed above represent how you feel today, please use this space and give as many details as possible!
Did you interact with your community today? Please write where you went and who you spent time with (ex. I went to the Save on Foods in Golden BC, and I crossed paths with a few people on a run and moved to maintain 2m spacing on the trail) *
If you are traveling, detail your route and all your stops *
To the best of your knowledge, did you interact with anyone that has either tested positive for COVID-19, or is presenting any of the symptoms listed above. *
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