2023-2024 Student Government Application for 8th Grade Cabinet
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What important goals would you have for student government?  What goals would you have for Evergreen Junior High? *
What are your plans for increasing school spirit and student participation at Evergreen? *
Why do you want to be involved in student government? What role(s) do you think student government should be playing at the school? *
Think of a theme for the 2023-2024 school  year.  It doesn't need to be catchy, just meaningful.  Share the theme and how  you would introduce the theme to the students and what types of activities could we do with the theme? *
In what extracurricular activities, school-sponsored or otherwise activities are you already involved in and what leadership skills have they taught you? *
I am aware that Evergreen 2023-2024 Student Government is a year-long commitment and that professional standards are expected. I also understand that I must participate in the student government advisory class, all student government sponsored activities and that sometimes work outside of class is mandatory.  I realize that I must be a positive role-model here at school and in the community.  I understand that I must uphold a high standard in my grades and behavior.  The information that I have included in this form is my own work and is accurate and true to the best of my ability.  Also by checking YES, I am acknowledging that my parent or guardian has also read through the information packet.   *
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