Entertainer Application - Cabbagetown Festival 2019
Thanks for your interest in performing at the Cabbagetown Festival. Please complete this form to help us review all entertainers fairly. If our festival producers see a fit, they will reach out to you directly.
Please do not call or email our offices as we receive hundreds of applications and are not able to reply.

1) You will need to include a minimum of one link to your work online for festival producers and our volunteer festival committee to review.
2) We are unable to pay for travel expenses.
3) All entertainers are responsible to provide all equipment required.

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Please provide up to three links to samples of your work online. A minimum of one link is mandatory.
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Do you require electrical power? We are only able to supply generators at limited number of music locations along the street. *
We prefer all entertainers be available for three sets, each approx 45 mins long with a 15 - 30 min break depending on our entertainment schedule. *
Do you have your own 10 foot x 10 foot tent? *
For three 45 minute sets at a not-for-profit event, such as the Cabbagetown Festival, what do you typically request as payment? (Please enter numerical value only in CAD $) *
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Note on invoicing if you are selected:
When invoicing Cabbagetown BIA/Cabbagetown Festival you must include the following. Invoices that do not fully meet these requirements will not be paid. Suppliers/Vendors invoicing Cabbagetown BIA/Cabbagetown Festival $500 or more within one calendar year who do not charge HST, will be issued a T4A.

Not Charging HST:
If you are not charging HST you must include*:
1) Sin Number
2) Full Legal Name
3) Home Address

Charging HST:
If you are charging HST you must include:
1) HST $ amount
2) HST Number (which will be verified)

Do you accept our invoicing requirements?
Anything else you would like to communicate to our producers and volunteer festival committee?
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Thank you!
Once again, thank you for your interest in performing at the Cabbagetown Festival. Our festival producers will reach out to only those entertainers they see as a possible fit. We appreciate your time and effort in completing this form, however, we are unable to follow up with everyone who applies.

Have a wonderful day and good luck with all of your future work!

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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