Comprehensive Sex Ed Membership/Youth Organizer Form
Hey everyone! Please fill out this form if you are interested in joining our team. We are a youth-led organization working towards reforming sex ed and making sure it is inclusive. We are looking for members and ambassadors.

1) General Member:
As a general member, you would advertise to friends, family members, classmates, and so on. You should also contact your local Illinois senator and representative to support and sponsor our legislation. IF YOU APPLY FOR TO BE A GENERAL MEMBER YOU DO NOT NEED TO ANSWER CSEN AMBASSADOR QUESTIONS(the questions with a # in the front). All those applying to be general members will be automatically accepted; please fill out the form so you can be added to the email list.

2) CSEN Ambassador:
If you want to be even more involved you can apply to be a CSEN ambassador. As a CSEN ambassador, you would spread awareness(like put up posters) around your school and neighborhood, contact your senator and representative, and attend monthly meetings digitally (or in person) and weekly meetings as we get closer to the legislative session.

Have a question about the application or want to know possible other ways you can help? Email us at
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