Big Data in Initial Teacher Education
ENSITE(Environmental Socio-Scientific Issues in Initial Teacher Education) is an Erasmus+ project which intends to make a contribution in the preparation of science and mathematics teachers by developing their competences in dealing with environmental SSI(Socio Scientific Issues) themselves and in acquiring teaching skills to support their students in developing these competencies. This survey is conducted to get insights on current ITE(Initial Teacher Education) and how important is to relate SSI and statistics(Big data) in ITE.
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1. In which country are you teaching in ITE? *
2. What is your background? *
3. Which grade level are your ITE students going to teach? (Multiple answers are possible) *
4. Do you integrate environmental issues (such as Global warming by using global land-ocean temperature data set) in your program? If yes, in which course do you integrate? Please give examples. *
5. Do you use large data (Big data) sets in your teaching? *
5.a. If yes, which data sets/sources are commonly used in your program by future teachers?
6. Which statistical tool/package is commonly used in your program by future teachers? *
7. How do your ITE students use this statistical tool/s? *
8. When do your ITE students use this statistical tool/s? *
9. How important are these statistical competencies for your students at the end of the ITE program? İs *
Not Important
Not Very Important
Slightly Important
Very Important
Formulating questions that require statistical investigation
Collecting data
Reading and interpreting data sets
Visualising data
Analysing data(both categorical and quantitative)
Summarizing data with measures for centre (mean values) and for spread (variance
Constructing stories based upon data
Extracting knowledge from Big data
Dealing with controversy and conflicting interpretation of data
Exploring connections between data(sets)
10. How important is developing your students’ competencies in statistics (analyzing data, visualizing data and construct stories from data) in relation to current controversial(environmental)issues in society? *
Not important
Very important
11. What kind of SSI(Socio Scientific Issues) do you find suitable to use in your teaching? *
Not suitable
Sustainable Energy Sources
Urban Planning
Global Warming
Waste management
Food consumption and nutrition
Clean water
Ecological Footprint
12. In the ENSITE project, we are going to design teaching materials for ITE and lower-secondary education about big-data and environmental issues. What should we take into account to make them helpful for your teaching? *
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