Street Furniture
The design of the seats is shown in the image below. There will be a mixture of single and double seating which will be fixed to the ground in a informal layout (where possible).

Currently four locations on the route will have seating replaced or will remain as they currently are. These are, top of Looe Street, entrance to Southside Street, West Pier and Sir John Hawkins Square outside Prysten House.
Additional seating could be provided in the following areas (marked in pink on the map below) and we ask that you rank them in priority; a. Basket Ope, b. Corner of Vauxhall Street and Vauxhall Quay, c. Looe Street (halfway up) and the d. north side of Southside Street.
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Are there any other comments you wish to make about the benches or locations?
There are two options for a bench at the junction of The Parade and Basket Ope. Which would you prefer?
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