AFI COVID19 Task Force
Hello everyone! We hope you are keeping safe and staying indoors as much as possible and are not too overwhelmed by the unprecedented disaster caused by our complete unpreparedness to face the 2nd wave of COVID-19 pandemic. This is a long battle. Stay strong.

In an attempt to respond to the situation which has crippled the entire nation, AFI is reaching out to you to find out ways by which we can come together. We do not at the moment have funds or extra resources but we realize that all of you are the most precious resources. We will now do our best to find ways to coordinate support to each other among you, and galvanize our global community of supporter for resources and funds.

After we get your responses we will follow up with a brain storm for you for the formation of the task force and clear responsibilities and time frame.

We will also be talking of mending broken markets, livelihoods and supply chains, but most of all of exhausted, depleted, skilled medical workforce.

Please fill the form by Tuesday, May 4, 2021.
Also let us know if you are not able to fill the form. we can do a quick call
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