Stride Mandarin Teacher Application
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Are you a native Mandarin speaker? *
Do you have a degree in TCSOL or a similar degree? *
When are you available to teach? *
Do you have 1+ years experience teaching Mandarin Chinese to non-native speaking children? (Kids ages 1-18) *
Are you comfortable teaching 1-3 year olds? *
Can you stick to a schedule?  Classes are consistent, meaning they are the same times each week. *
Pay starts between $12-18 an hour and increases according to your teaching performance.  Is that ok with you? (Don't worry, we give many opportunities for  a raise). *
What is your name and email? *
If you answered yes to the above questions, we'd love to get to know you more!  Please send us a video of a demo teaching lesson.  The email to send it to is
For the demo lesson:

Please either send a demo you have already recorded or the following:

1) I would like you to teach as if you were teaching numbers 1-5 to students ages 4-6 with no Chinese background.
2) Speak entirely in Chinese, but slowly as if the students had just started learning Chinese a few weeks ago.
3) The goal of this mini lesson is for kids to be able to say numbers 1-5 in Chinese and have lots of fun learning it.
4) Games and props are always a great way to teach children.
5) This shouldn't be more than a few minutes long.  I just need to see your teaching style :) 
I'll send a demo as specified above *
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