Drive Uploader Request
Below is a form to fill out if you would like a custom Google Drive Uploader link created for a specific event or ongoing use. Once created the link can be shared enabling you to receive related documents, pictures, and videos from staff, students, and parents.

Drive Uploader links will be created under an account managed by Support Services (ssmedia) since the Drive Uploader subscription is associated with that account. A custom Drive Share (formerly Team Drive) will be created for your Drive Uploader files OR you can share a folder on your own account and give the ssmedia account edit rights. The Drive Share can be shared with anybody on your team that you want to have access.

Please fill out the information below for each Drive Uploader link you would like to have created.

Please allow 24 hours for the link to be created once your request has been received.
Email address *
Campus *
Your First Name *
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Your Last Name *
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Event / Purpose for the Drive Uploader Request *
(I.E. MAT 2020 Track & Field Day for parent uploads / MAC 7th Grade Culture Trips 2019-2020 / MAK Chinese New Year Photos & Videos 2020)
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Shared Drive (formerly Team Drive) Name (for us to create) OR Drive Folder Name (if created on your own account and shared with ssmedia including edit rights) *
This can be the same as "Event/Purpose" above, or you can tell us the name of an existing Google Drive folder that you already have that you have granted the ssmedia account edit rights.
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If we create a NEW Shared Drive, who should have access other than you?
List names of all people that should have access to the shared drive we create - individuals will be added with edit rights to the Shared Drive and all files uploaded using the Drive Uploader link will be visible to those with access.
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How long does the link need to be active? *
Choose "Indefinitely" or list date range in "Other" for short term specific events.
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