Crowdsourced Cinema Soundtrack Sign-Up 2017
We'll be randomly drawing sections from "Back to the Future" for each composer to create and emailing them to you.

By signing this form, you are making a commitment to be a part of this fun community project, and it is important that every person who signs up completes their music!

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You can be younger than 18 to participate, we just want to know if youth are participating
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Anyone can participate, we'd just like to know where teams are coming from
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Have you written/recorded original music for video/film before? *
It's ok if you haven't, this is a great project to experiment with. We're just curious :)
Do you have your own software/hardware to record? *
NCTV has the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and some basic sound recording gear if not.
Are you open to doing more than 1 piece of music if needed? *
By filling out this form, I am making a commitment to complete my musical piece by the deadline. I understand that the completed Crowdsourced film depends on every scene to be created. *
If I need to drop for any reason, I will give NCTV ADVANCE notice so they can find another team to complete my piece.
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