Tuttle Times - Did You Find It? 
We hope you've enjoyed playing the Can You Find It? icon search over the past year of Tuttle Times magazine!

Beginning in May 2023, we've decided to try something different in its' place and we'd love to hear your opinions & ideas below!
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Did you participate in the Can You Find It? icon search? If so, how many months? Did you send in your name to have it published in the magazine? 
Did you enjoy the Can You Find It? activity? Or do you think there should be another activity in its' place instead? 
If you participated in the Can You Find It? activity, what was your favorite thing about it? Your least favorite?
Do you have any other ideas for what we should replace Can You Find It ? with?
Is there anything else about the Can You Find It? activity or a replacement activity that you'd like to share with us?
Do you have any feedback/suggestions/ideas or anything else you'd like to share with Tuttle Times? We love hearing from our readers! (you can also email magazine@tuttletwins.com if you'd prefer) Thanks for being a Tuttle Twins fan!
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