Siły Antygrawitacji #4 - registration
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1This time, in addition to the meeting, open workshops led by invited trainers and by you, we focus on working in workshop groups - whose goal will be to jointly realize at the end of the theatrical-circus outdoor performance with live music.

Therefore, we invite you to sign up for one of the three working groups:
Music - preparation and realization of live music, as a background for etudes developed in other groups
Theater - focused rather on all forms of expression based on movement, not on words, therefore, with elements of pantomime, dance, performance. This group will focus on the preparation of fictional etudes.
Circus/Acrobatics - aerial acrobatics, partner and group acrobatics, various circus forms. This group will focus on the spectacular aspects of the final presentation.

Dates: 9-14.08.2021
Place: Szczecin Sailing Center, Przestrzenna 19, 70-800 Szczecin /
Accommodation: In the marina there is a modern (opened a year ago) youth hostel in which we sleep. Food will be provided by the same catering company that served us in January 2020.
We sleep, train and eat - within the marina. This is a large area, for sure we will have our own space to work, by the water, in the green - even if essentially in Szczecin.
This is what the rooms look like:

Plan of the week:
We start on Monday 9.08 at 12:00
We will divide the working day into a block of work in workshop groups, time for open workshops, but we will also devote time every day to rehearsals for the show led by the director with the participation of all the participants.
Due to the fact that the workshops will be held in the marina - we will also organize a small sailing regatta in the middle of the week.
Friday 13.08 will be a day of general rehearsals and in the evening we will have our show - open to invited audience. We will try to make it have a professional service in terms of lighting, scenery, sound - to give everyone the experience of realizing a large outdoor theater show.
We will wrap up on Saturday 14.08 after debriefing and clean up around 14:00 (after lunch).
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Write a few words about yourself, your artistic experience, expectations - especially if you will be attending our workshops for the first time
first of all we need to know the number of vegetarians and vegans, but it is also important if we have to take into account any of your allergies or sensitivities. We are planning rather a vegan meal slightly supplemented with additions for carnivores)
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