2021 Umpire Application
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Work Status Waiver: If you elect to work as a VOLUNTEER then you understand that you will not be paid cash for your work as an umpire, but that Little League Insurance has been obtained by Little League in the event you are injured or suffer any other covered loss while acting as a volunteer umpire.
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Are you available to umpire summer tournament games in June and/or July?
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I understand that it is my responsibility to act as a qualified umpire under the Official Regulations and Playing Rules as published by Little League Baseball, Inc. I understand that I am free to accept or decline to work any game; but that if I agree to umpire a game I must fulfill that commitment. I understand that I am free to work as an umpire for leagues other than TVLL at any time. I understand that I have a responsibility to become and remain qualified to serve as a competent umpire by attending training sessions such as those provided by TVLL, District 57 Little League, and Little League Baseball, Inc. I understand that while acting as an umpire I must remain impartial, fair and base my decisions solely on the current Official Regulations and Playing Rules of Little League. *
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