Nova Scotia Covid Stigma Survey
Participation in this questionnaire is completely voluntary. All participants and research projects will be assigned a unique ID. Your responses will be coded, resulting in the removal of any identifying information, except for some publicly available data such as project name, year funded, funder, and funding program and amount. All information will be kept confidential and will only be used for research purposes. Information from this study may be published and/or shared in public forums, but only in summary forms, and your name and the name of the project will not be used or disclosed. The Nova Scotia health research funding organizations will not have access to study data and responses will have no impact on current or future funding decisions. If you would like to receive a summary of findings of this study, please indicate this at the end of the survey. The risks of participating are low. Participating in this survey will not offer any direct benefits to you, but it will contribute to enhance the understanding of health research partnership practices in Canada. There are no costs to you to participate in this study.

This study is a part of a research program funded by the Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition and undertaken by Dr. Robert Huish at Dalhousie University. The Coalition has no role in study design, data collection, analysis, interpretation, reporting or dissemination of results of this study.

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This study has been approved by the Dalhousie University Research Ethics board. They can be reached at or 902.494.3423.

The completion of this study requires your free and informed consent. Submitting the questionnaire will imply your free and informed consent and that you understand the above conditions regarding the participation in the study. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Robert Huish (
Do you consent to participate in this questionnaire? *
You may participate in this study if you self-identify as having experienced stigma during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nova Scotia. This question is just to verify your eligibility to participate in this questionnaire.
Have you experienced stigma in any of the following ways between January 1, 2020 and
the present day in Nova Scotia?

- From a member of the public?
- From a group of individuals?
- From your employer?
- From social media?
- From customers / clients / or colleagues?
- Or have you changed your behaviour in response to fear of stigma during the
Have you experienced any of these things? *
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