2022 TransPride Pittsburgh Health & Wellness Conference Call for Proposals-Community
We are currently accepting program proposals to be presented at the TransPride Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Conference to be held Oct 6th-8th, 2022

This year our conference will be held virtually.

An Outline of your workshop:
A breakdown of how the time will used throughout the workshop, providing as much information about the audience experience and the presentation flow as possible. We recommend at least outlining the workshop in increments of 10-15 minutes.

A clear sense of how long you need:
Workshops can be 1hour, 1.5hours, or 2hours. A clear understanding of how long your workshop will take is key.
A description of your program:
Should be enough to give the committee a strong sense of the workshop’s content. This description may be used for promotional materials and programs, so be sure that it clearly identifies the goals and outcomes of attendance. For descriptions, more is more. The shorter a description you give, the harder it is for committee to review it and score it. We’d rather edit them down later, so give us more!

A list of presenters:
 Including the following information for each presenter: Name, pronouns, email, age, race, ethnicity, gender, professional title, address, and bio.

A list of goals/objectives for your workshop (minimum of 2):
What do you want attendees to learn or accomplish during this program?

Sample Content (optional but encouraged if available):
This could be notes for your workshop, slides, a video of a previous workshop. This sample need not be extensive, but something that can be digested in under ten minutes, to give the selection committee a clear sense of your workshop's content. Please send to TransPridePgh@gmail.com.

Target Audience:
 Who is this for? The more specific or direct you can be, the easier it is for the selection committee to balance the overall conference’s content slate. Select primary target as well as tertiary target audiences.

General Proposal Topics:
QTBIPOC lead workshops
HIV/AIDS, Sexual-Health, & Prevention
Incarceration, Re-Entry, Decarceration, Prisoner Support
Abolition, Transformative Justice, Restorative Justice
Community Building, Self-Advocacy, & Communal Advocacy
Gynecological Care for all bodies
Pregnancy, Abortion, & Reproductive Rights
Early Transition Support, Transition Discussion Groups
Disability & neurodiversity
Trans Histories & Storytelling
Housing Instability/Homelessness
Trans Youth
Show & Tells (for femme and masc surgeries alike)
Sex Work & Sex Worker’s rights

We discourage:
Workshops designed to sell a book/product
Workshops that center cis experiences
Workshops that pathologize trans people
Workshops enforcing a gender binary
Workshops utilizing out of date content and language

Continuing Education Topics:
Prevention & Sexual Health
Incarceration, Re-Entry, Decarceration, Prisoner’s Rights
Abolition, Transformative Justice, Restorative Justice
Gynecological Care
Patient Advocacy
Anti-trans legislation
Insurance Coverage & Advocacy
Early Transition Support
QTBIPOC lead workshops
Disability & neurodiversity
Youth Transition Resources
Sex Work/Sex Worker-led workshops
Housing instability/Homelessness
Cutting-edge surgical and endocrinological gender-affirming care

The proposal can be for a seminar, presentation, panel, workshop, discussion group, activity/performance space, fellowship activity, arts and crafts, etc.

We will consider all submissions, and will give preference to fresh ideas.

**This form will be reviewed by the TransPride Pgh Health and Wellness Conference committee and once accepted, you will receive a long form to complete. That information will be used to create our program and apply for credits.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Please direct them to us at: TransPridePgh@gmail.com

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Name of Workshop
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Lived experience is valid experience
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Presenter Agreement
Please contact us at transpridepgh@gmail.com if you have questions.

1. I understand that the conference staff will notify me by email, no later than August 1, 2022, to let me know whether my proposal has been accepted.

2. If my proposal is accepted, I/we agree to present on the day and time assigned to me/us by TransPride Pgh. I understand that conference programming spans Thursday through Saturday. Thursday from 8am-5pm, Friday from 8am-5pm, Saturday from 9am-3:30pm

3. I understand that TransPride Pgh staff will direct all communications only to the person submitting the proposal and that it is that person’s responsibility to inform any co-presenters of all information and agreements stated herein or in subsequent communications.

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