examination of constitution
as you go through the exam remember that you are a combination of all three doshas in a varying amount. the dosha you check the most is your dominant dosha. some may be dual types with two doshas in relatively equal proportion. others may have all three in about the same amount. when it is particularly difficult to make a decision, give more weight to factors that are most prominent. generally speaking we know ourselves well enough to determine our constitution.

our birth constitution is best revealed by the fixed attributes of our physical body, particularly our bodily frame and long term weight tendencies. our metabolism and digestion over time is anther good one. life long habits and proclivities and lifelong disease tendencies are other important indicators.

though we tend to stay the same throughout life, long term illness can change that, especially if one is a dual type. sometimes the constitution changes with age or we can experience transitions relative to daily or seasonal changes.
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