Kub Kar Reservation (KKR) - January 2015
This form is used to reserve the Kub Kar tracks.

1. Complete form
-> Your name as the requestor
-> Your email address
-> Date of reservation
-> Date to be returned to Group Commissioner for storage
2. Email webmaster to add to !st Manotick Calendar
Leader's First & Last Name & Section *
Section Leader responsible for picking up and returning tracks. Section & Email address
Your answer
Reservation Date Option 1: Option 2: *
Have you checked the 1st Manotick Calendar on the home page? Please provide 2 dates - your 1st & 2nd choice
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Return Date to 1st Manotick Inventory Locker via Group Commissioner *
Section Leader is responsible for returning KK equipment to Inventory locker & notifying webmaster/Group Commissioner
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