2019 Professional Women in Advocacy Call for Session Topics
PWIA invites suggestions for session topics related to this year's conference theme: Breakthrough Advocacy -Innovating change and transforming the industry

Session Topic Submission Requirements
Topics must be submitted by practitioners in advocacy, government relations, public affairs, public relations, or relevant practice areas. Authors of session topic proposals submit:

- Short description (for marketing purposes) (150 characters max) this is a short eye catching description capturing the essence of the session for use on flyers and in ads

- Long description (250 characters max) this is a longer description for the marketing website meant to give the conference goer a clear understanding of the session

- Session concept and justification (500 words max - one page) a longer form description about your idea for a session, why you think it is relevant and exciting, what will be discussed in the session and any rationale for the session.

The proposal should be suitable for blind review, and a brief author biography that demonstrates the author’s expertise in the proposal’s area of focus.

Session Topic Selection Process
Each session topic proposal is blind peer reviewed by a minimum of 2 external reviewers. Conference organizers review the ratings and comments from the external reviewers, the proposals themselves, and the biography statement supplied by the proposal author. The selection process takes into consideration the merits of the session topic proposals—the subject, premise, and scope of the proposed session topics should be clearly stated—the expertise of the session topic authors, as well as the importance of organizing a diverse set of sessions for the conference. Conference organizers will select from the proposed topics and develop additional topics to create a well-rounded agenda. Decisions on proposals will be announced in April 2019.

February 7, 2019 Call for Session Topic Announced
February 28, 2019 Session Topic Submission Deadline
March 2019 Session Topic Selections
April 2019 Session topics announced along with agenda
October 21-22, 2019 Conference takes place in Washington, DC

You do not have to be a conference sponsor or registrant to participate in the call for session topics. If selected, session presenters may work in concert with conference organizers to develop the topic, title, description and content of the session. If the session is a panel, the presenter may suggest and help recruit panelists. If the presenter is a vendor for the advocacy community, he or she must refrain from making the session a pitch about the company or its products. Organizers of the PWIA conference reserve the right to change/edit/replace topics and presenters at any time. Session presenters will receive complimentary registration for the conference on the day of their session only.

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