RHL On-Campus Parenting Survey
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The results will be used to implement a campus-wide parent-staff collaborative system that ensures exemplary watchful care over both academic learning and character building.

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Parent Engagement in Student Learning System Roles
We have developed 3 categories of engagement roles to better serve the school community and facilitate parent engagement.

1- Student-Specific Parent Role
2- Subject-Focused Parent Role
3- Location-Specific Parent Role

Please view the linked website for an explanation of each one.


Is a Student-Specific Parent Role a good fit for your plan for Parent Engagement at RHL? *
Is a Subject-Specific Parent Role a good fit for your plan for Parent Engagement at RHL? *
Is a Location-Specific Parent Role a good fit for your plan for Parent Engagement at RHL? *
Interested in mentoring others in one or more of these roles?
We are building this together!
As we continue to better engage parents in student learning and the RHL school culture, we want you to know that you are building this with us! We need your input to better this system.
Would you be willing to be a Roving Parent?
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Would you be willing to wear an "ASK ME" clip-on badge to indicate to other parents that they could ask you about your experience as parent-teacher at home or about your experiences about how to use the services at River HomeLink to add value to the family learning experience?
For those parents willing to wear an ASK ME badge while at River HomeLink, please brainstorm a list of ideas about how you could help other parents. Example: how to set up a weekly at-home learning schedule; how to teach more than one grade at a time; how to can food; how to teach and clean house; ways to have fun with kids while getting work done. The list is endless. Everyone is an expert in something!
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Please type in any other ways parents could partner with staff or network with other parents while at River HomeLink.
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Are you interesting in serving on the PIE team?
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Are you interested in serving on the PAT team?
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Thank you for your time.
Please visit us at the new Parent Engagement in Student Learning HUB Desk for more information.
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