Teacher Round Table
The Division of School Support would like some feedback on the curriculum changes for the upcoming school year. English Language Arts and Mathematics Curriculum. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey. The results will be u
Please rate to what extent you agree with the following comments:
Now that I have had time to delve into the curriculum, I find it easy to understand.
I have used the supplemental and suggested materials listed in the unit plan.
The curriculum is user friendly and easy to navigate.
I received enough support (centrally and from my school leaders) to properly implement the curriculum.
I am successful at using the curriculum to write lesson plans using the district template on OnCourse.
I feel adequately prepared to teach from the new curriculum.
Please answer the following questions about professional development:
How many hours of PD do you think you would need moving forward?
What area(s) do you need additional professional development?
The following questions will help us improve the websites and resources embedded in the curriculum.
Have you been successful in accessing the websites included within the curriculum?
Clear selection
If yes, do the embedded links within each unit align with the unit's theme?
Clear selection
If no, which links are you having difficulty accessing from within the unit(s)? Please include the subject area, grade level, and unit number.
Please share any additional resources that would compliment the ELA and/or Math curriculums. Please indicate subject area, grade level, and unit number.
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