Richmond Homeowner Survey
This is an anonymous survey to gauge homeowner attitudes and desires around accessory dwelling units (ADUs), Tiny Houses on Wheels, and their use as affordable housing in Richmond, CA.

Cities throughout California have adopted Tiny House on Wheels ordinances that allow Tiny Houses on Wheels (no foundation) to serve as accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The City of Richmond's ordinance outlines a pilot program to utilize tiny houses on wheels as innovative, low-cost options to create affordable housing.

Our program, THIMBY, is working to pilot this ordinance and are constructing our first house now, but are looking to expand. This form serves to help us better understand Richmond homeowners' needs, assets, and desires and potentially find homeowners interested in hosting a Tiny House on Wheels on their property. For more information on the THIMBY program, check out our website here:
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Do you own AND reside in a single-family home in the City of Richmond, CA? *
This survey is targeted to those who own and reside in a single-family home in the City of Richmond, CA. If you own (but don't reside) in a home that meets this criteria or own and reside in another residential housing type, we also would love you input – just fill out the Other response with your specific circumstances.
Do you currently have an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on your property? *
The ADU could have a foundation or be on wheels. Other names for ADUs include in-law or mother-in-law unit, secondary dwelling unit, granny flat, or carriage house.
How interested are you in placing an ADU in your backyard? *
Not interested at all
Very interested
Approximately, what is the total available area in your backyard that could be made available for an ADU? *
 This is the area that you would be willing to place the structure on.
If you expressed interest in placing a ADU in your backyard above (>1), would you be interested in leasing that ADU to someone in need of affordable housing?
Some homeowners only use ADUs for direct family, guests, and friends. Providing an ADU as affordable housing expands who you would be willing to lease/use the ADU.
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If the ADU was on wheels (as opposed to having a set foundation), would that change your answers to any of the above questions? *
ADUs on wheels reduce permitting costs, construction costs, etc. and provide added flexibility. They still look like traditional homes and the wheels are often covered by a sash and/or front deck.
Would you be interested in owning a Tiny House on Wheels if it legally exists as an ADU? *
What are some reasons for you to want a house in your yard?
Are you interested in hosting this Tiny House on Wheels on your property within the next year? 

Please provide your email and we will reach out with more information.
Any lingering comments, questions, or thoughts about ADUs, ADUs as affordable housing, Tiny Houses on Wheels as ADUs, or any of other questions above.
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