Parent Survey February 2018 (We want to hear from you)
We strive to provide the best parent communication, engagement, and support. Please complete this survey to help us know what we're doing well and how we can improve our partnership.
School staff regularly communicate with me about how I can help my child learn.
My child's school offers my opportunities to visit my child's classroom, such as observing instruction, participating in an activity with my child, etc.
Teachers work closely with me to meet my child's needs.
I feel well-informed by the communications I receive from my child's school
Staff at this school work hard to build a trusting relationship with parents/guardians like me.
My child's school communicates with me in a language and in a way I can understand.
Teachers and parents/guardians think of each other as partners in educating children.
The principal/school leader encourages feedback from parents/guardians and the community through regular meetings with parents/guardians and teacher leaders.
The principal/school leader is strongly committed to shared decision making.
The principal/school leader works to create a sense of community in the school.
The principal/school leader promotes family and community family involvement in the school.
You have been invited to volunteer your time to support the school.
You've communicated with your child's teacher about your child's performance.
You have attended a general school meeting or school event (open house, sports events, PTA meetings, etc.).
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