Coastal Mendocino County Stormwater Resource Plan: Project Proposal Form
Please complete the following form to have your stormwater plan be considered as a project alternative for Coastal Mendocino County Stormwater Resource Plan (SWRP). Your project is not guaranteed to be included, prioritized, or funded. Every project will be screened for compliance with State Guidelines and project objectives that will be established by the Technical Advisory Committee. We appreciate your input and look forward to talking with you about your ideas!
• Submittal Due Date: December 31, 2019.
• Eligible agencies include: public agencies, nonprofit organizations, public utilities, and mutual water companies.
• Eligible projects include green infrastructure, stormwater capture, and stormwater reuse.
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See Coastal Zone Map on SWRP website.
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Please provide a description of the project, explaining how the project would benefit the Mendocino County, Northern California: Pudding Creek-Frontal Ocean, Noyo River Watershed, or Big River Watershed. Refer to the Maps page on the SWRP website to identify if you are within the SWRP boundary. (Character Limit: 50,000 characters)
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Please select at least TWO potential main benefits the project will provide to the watershed
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Please select at least ONE potential additional benefit the project will provide to the watershed
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Please attach supporting documentation if available.
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If match funding has been identified please describe source(s) and amount(s):
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Has a CEQA document been prepared for the project? *
If known, which CEQA document(s) has been or will be prepared? (check all that apply) *
Reference Documents *
Please let us know if the project has been discussed or prioritized in another document or plan and enter the title of the document(s) below. Please include links with your references.
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Projects will need a sponsor, eligible agencies for funding include: public agencies, nonprofit organizations, public utilities, and mutual water companies.
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Please email project files to Sarah Dukett at For any questions or concern please contact Sarah Dukett via email or phone. To contact by phone please call the Water Agency at (707) 463-4441. Thanks!
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