Houstonians for Migrant Justice Volunteer Form
Houston Youth Activists (HYA), the organization behind Houstonians for migrant justice, depends on volunteers like you to help us with community outreach and publicity. Below is a short description of each volunteer position:

Phone/text bank: Volunteers will call or text individuals marked by HYA as possible rally attendees/fundraiser supporters. Often, volunteers will use their own cell phone.

Community canvassing: Volunteers (in groups) will publicize the HYA's Migrant Justice project, including the fundraiser, rally, and volunteer opportunities.

Putting up posters: Volunteers will be given locations to put up HYA Migrant Justice posters and will be expected to answer citizens' questions/direct them to our website and social media pages

School Liaison: Liaisons will be the contact point between HYA and the student body at a local high school or university. They will be responsible for recruiting rally attendants, fundraiser supporters, and new volunteers from their respective schools (limit one per school although exceptions can be made for larger schools).

If you have any questions please call or text 713-587-6116, or email us at Houstonyouthactivists@gmail.com


Facebook event (RSVP):

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I will not participate in any illegal activities before or during the protest, or while volunteering for HYA. I acknowledge that any such participation will be reported to the proper authorities and I will be asked to leave the protest and/or stop volunteering. *
If I am under the age of sixteen, my parent or guardian has consented to allow me to volunteer and understands what that entails (for questions please call or text 713-587-6116, or email us at houstonyouthactivists.com) *
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