Research giving revolution workshop challenge in Helsinki with HBCP research group ( UCL )
Facilitator: Regivolution (,
Supporters: Human Behaviour Change Project (University College London), Effective Altruism Helsinki, (note there is also simultaneous event in EA Global happening on second date)
Time 1: 21.10  10-18 Helsinki (Center campus)
Time 2: 25.10  10.30-15 Event in UCL London that is streamed to Helsinki (Center campus) (Effective Altruism Global related)
Application deadline: 16.10
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Event description
Do you want to help promote more open, impactful and methodologically better research by helping a top-notch research group in University College London? Are you a student, researcher, citizen scientist who would like to improve your literature searching or literature review skills in a warm and encouraging atmosphere?

Regivolution (Research giving revolution) is a new project and community of students and young researchers who are interested in such topics. We have developed methods that have allowed us to do micro reviews in 3 to 10 hours for high profile research groups. (see examples at ).

Now, we have collaborated with EA Helsinki and UCL based Human Behaviour Change Project (HBCP) lead by Prof. Susan Michie to organize a workshop challenge that takes part in both London and Helsinki (this form is only for participants in Helsinki). HBCP develops automatic meta-analysis systems for health behaviour change interventions in collaboration with IBM researchers and is in general one of the leading research groups in this area. EA Helsinki (Effective altruism Helsinki) a community of people who are interested in applying critical thinking and evidence to find best ways to do good in today's complex society (e.g. via their careers or by donating).

In the challenge, you will work on a micro-review on the subject of interest for researchers on health behaviour change for HBCP research group. However, the techniques that we teach in the workshop are applicable to most research areas.

This workshop will train participants on the core skills to conduct ultra-rapid reviews.

These include:
- Efficient ways to use google and google scholar (that consistently covers >94% of scientific literature  unlike other general databases that typically cover much less than <77% each) to locate relevant scientific studies (e.g. by using forward citation searching and utilizing the hierarchy of evidence)
- Methods for defining the scope and focus of search (e.g. PICOS) with a structured iterative continuously adapting process
- Guidance for effective time management during the process

Outline of the workshop

Day 1 - 21st of October
10-11 - Introduction
11-13 - Workshop session 1
13-13.45 - Lunch Break
13.45 - Workshop session 2
15.15-15.45 - Coffee break
15.45-17.30 Workshop session 3
17.30-18 Ending

Day 2 - 25th of October (Streamed to Helsinki)
11-11.45 - Greetings and introduction from the HBCP research group
11.45-12.45 - Workshop Session 1 - Tips and tricks for conducting ultra-rapid reviews. (an Interactive session that teaches the basics of various ultra-rapid review skills one by one)
12.45 - 13.50 - Workshop Session 2 - How to conduct ultra-rapid reviews in practice ( Working in small groups to apply skills taught in workshop session 1 to work on a micro-review on adaptive/tailored interventions)
13.50-14 - Short break
14-15 - Presenting the results to HBCP research group and Discussion
Important note: there was in error the event description earlier, event ends at 15

Unfortunately, we have only a limited number of places available (approximately 25-30). If we receive more applications we will select the ones who we think might benefit most from participating in the workshop and/or have particular interest to our mission.

IMPORTANT: There are no background information or expertise required for this workshop, come as you are. The radical vision of Regivolution is to empower and teach students, young researchers and others regardless of their background with top research skills so that we can make a better planet.

The feedback from the workshop will inform how this method can be improved and taught more effectively.

HBCP website:
Effective Altruism Helsinki website:

1. Martín-Martín, A., Orduna-Malea, E., Thelwall, M., & López-Cózar, E. D. (2018). Google Scholar, Web of Science, and Scopus: a systematic comparison of citations in 252 subject categories. Journal of Informetrics (In Print)

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