2016 MCCC Unit Professional Regional Meetings - Demystifying The Grievance Process, Contract Updates and More- Online Registration RSVP
Please indicate which Regional Meeting you will be attending. Remember to bring a copy of your E-7 to work on and another to share. If you are unable to secure a copy of your E-7 or are unfamiliar with this document, please note this at the end of this form. If you have classification or appeals questions or issues, there will be a break out session to address these.
Please provide the following contact information. Your Name:
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Which campus do you come from?
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Issue/s Of Concern
Please let us know in order of importance.
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Which Regional Meeting Do You Plan To Attend?
Lunch for noontime meetings and refreshments for afternoon meetings will be provided. Further information and directions will be forwarded once you register. Consider car pooling so more members from your College may attend.
Arrival Time - Choose the time appropriate for the meeting you are attending.
We realize that not everyone can get to the meeting when it begins. Let us know what time you plan to arrive. This allows us to expect and plan for your attendance, even if you arrive after the meeting begins. Please note that different meetings begin and end at different times.
Are you willing to report back to other members who can't attend?
If available, can you bring a copy of your E7?
Note: If your E7 has never been updated, please try to bring it.
Grievance Issues
Do have specific grievance that we can prepare for? What is it?
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Contract or Classification Issues
Do have specific contract or classification appeals issues that we can prepare for? What are they?
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Other Issues That You Have - All questions welcome!
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Are You A Part-Time Unit Professional?
If you are a Part-Time Unit Professional, please let us know what issues are important to you.
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Are you interested in becoming more involved with your local union chapter, or other union activities?
Would you like to know more about the benefits you are entitled to with your MCCC union membership, including MTA benefits.
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