Introduction to Sourdough Baking with Ancient Grains $50
by Therese with Artistta Homestead

It's time for another Introduction to Sourdough Baking With Ancient Grains class. Come join me this time in Lauderdale, MN for this three hour evening class. I'll be sharing with you helpful information to get you started creating artisan style breads in your home using only ancient grains (einkorn, emmer, Kamut®, spelt).

We'll cover many topics to help you become familiar with the wide world of sourdough bread baking.

Some of the things you can expect to learn and do:
- Learn why ancient grains are different to use than modern wheat in bread baking
- Create your own sourdough dough to take home and bake the next day
- Bread baking terminology
- How to create, maintain and trouble shoot a sourdough culture
- The difference between no-knead, stretch and fold and kneaded bread recipes
- Learn how to make a no-knead bread of your own
- Learn to knead whole wheat Kamut® dough and have it pass the windowpane test
- Taste testing of the different grains in fresh baked breads that I'll bring
- What are my favorite tools for bread baking and see examples of tools for the home kitchen
- And much more

We will make at least 1 bread dough together as a class. It will be taken home for you to bake the next day once it has fermented overnight. If times allows, we'll also create pizza dough for you to also take home and use.

Finally, you'll receive a sourdough culture to get you started on your sourdough bread baking journey.

Location, Date and Time
Address: Lauderdale City Hall, 1891 Walnut St., Lauderdale, MN 55113

Date: Thursday, February 16th

Time: 6 - 9 PM

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Payment for class $50
Share with me any questions you have about sourdough baking and want to make sure I answer in the class.
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What you'll need for the class.
Please bring the following items.

1. A large mixing bowl, 3 quart or larger. It can not be made of a reactive metal like aluminum, but stainless steal is okay.

2. Pencil and paper for taking notes.

3. Write down questions think of before the class. I have found that people learned an great deal of information through other peoples questions.

4. IF POSSIBLE: Please have a dutch oven or covered clay baker at home to bake the no-knead bread in that we'll create in class. A 2-quart pot is what I use and works excellent, but any dutch oven will do. I use a 2 quart, Lodge, uncoated cast iron, dutch oven.

Rustic Multigrain Loaf
Did you know?
Many have struggled with gluten intolerance and allergies in recent years. My family included. However, through much research, I have discovered that our bodies digest the ancient grain differently than their modern counterparts. Not all wheat is the same. The ancient grains we'll be covering in this class are either weaker or lower in gluten, higher in protein and lower in starch than modern wheat. These difference make significant differences in the bodies ability to digest them. Beyond the difference that the grain themselves have, baking bread using a sourdough culture and a slow ferment helps break down the starches and gluten in the dough. I have heard from many people who have had my bread that not only is it delicious, but their body feels satisfied after eating it. They aren't left with the many digestive discomforts they had come familiar with when eating modern wheat.

We don't need to be scared of wheat, but it does help to be armed with knowledge. Learning proper soaking and fermenting practices the way bread was made for thousands of years prior to the 20th century is a start on that journey.

Rustic Kamut and Millet Loaf
English Muffins
Various Rustic Loaves
White Einkorn Loaf
Rustic Kamut Loaf
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