San Diego FTC Registration 2017-2018
San Diego FTC 2017-2018 Season Details

Leagues of 12-16 Teams: Each FTC team in the San Diego region will be assigned to one of five leagues. Each league will have about 12-16 teams.

Competition Dates: There will be League Meets on three Saturday/Sunday weekends (December 9/10, January 13/14, January 27/28), followed by League Tournaments on February 10/11, followed by the Regional Championship (for those teams that qualify) on February 25 or 26th. Each team competes once each weekend through the League Tournament for a total of 4 competitions, unless that team advances to the regional.

Cost: $250 for three League Meets and the League Tournament; $125 additional for teams that qualify for the Regional Championship. Please mail a $250 check made out to “RISE” to: RISE c/o Matt Nilsen, 3517 Hugo Street, San Diego, CA 92106 no later than 9/30/17. There is an increase in the cost by $25 this year due to the increased field elements cost and anticipated need to replace glyphs at tournaments. Please note your team number on the check.

Structure of League Meets: Each League Meet will consist of 6 qualifying rounds but no judging. As a fun way to end each league meet, there will also be “unofficial” elimination rounds, with alliance selection, for four alliances of two teams to determine a meet winning alliance. League Meets will take about ½ day.

Mixing and Matching Leagues: At the first League Meet, each team will compete only against teams in its same league. But at the second and third League Meets, teams from different leagues will be mixed, but the size of each League Meet will remain about 12 to 16 teams.

Rankings: For each team, its 10 best results in League Meet qualifying rounds (not elimination rounds) will be used to rank each team by Qualifying Points and Ranking Points. Each team will carry that ranking into the League Tournament. So, instead of starting the League Tournament with 0 QP and 0 RP, your team may start the League Tournament with as many as 20 QP.

Structure of League Tournaments: For the League Tournaments, each team will again compete only against teams in its same league. But there will also be judging at the League Tournament, just like at the Regional Championship. A League Tournament is like a mini-Regional Championship.

Advancement to Regional Championship: From each League Tournament, 7 teams will be selected to advance to the Regional Championship based on the advancement criteria in Game Manual part 1.

Advancement to Super-Regionals: Several teams will qualify to advance to the Super-Regionals. The actual number to advance has yet TBD by the Super-Regional committee.

SCHOOLS WITH MULTIPLE TEAMS: Fill out a separate registration form for each team. If you want your teams to be assigned to the same League, please say so below. Keep in mind, however, that competing in the same League may be a disadvantage in judging if your teams have similar robot designs or shared community outreach. There can also be unfairness to other teams when teams from the same school coordinate (e.g., in alliance selection) to favor the advancement of their sister teams. At this point, we can accommodate such requests for schools that have up to 2 teams; we cannot promise to accommodate the request for schools that have more than 2 teams.

If you have questions, please email me at

Good luck this season,

Matt Nilsen,
San Diego FTC - Affiliate Partner

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