Student Survey: How Can Lyons Creek MS Reimagine Your Middle School Experience?
You are the most important people on our campus. We would like to hear your feedback . Please answer the following questions so we can get to know you better and improve your experience at LCMS.
Social Studies Teacher Name *
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What grade are you in? *
Are you Hispanic or Latino? *
What is your race? You may mark more than one. *
What grade would you give Mrs. Wynter as your Principal? *
What new elective classes would you like to see at Lyons Creek Middle?
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Did you join any before/afterschool clubs at Lyons Creek Middle this year? *
If not, why?
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If yes, check which club/clubs you were a part of:
If you were a member of a club, how would you rate your experience of being in a club?
Which clubs are you interested in joining next year? *
What new clubs would you like to see at Lyons Creek Middle? (ex. Coding, Anime, Crime Watch, etc.)
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People of different races, cultural backgrounds, nationality, or ethnicity get along well at this school. *
I feel safe at this school. *
In my school, we learn how to communicate emotions in proper ways and resolve disagreements peacefully. *
School rules are applied equally to all students. *
All students are treated the same by staff, regardless of whether they are rich or poor. *
Adults in my school are good examples of the values the school teaches (respect, responsibility, fairness, positivity). *
My teachers help me with my individual weaknesses and give me one-on-one attention. *
My teachers encourage me to try my own ideas and find my strengths/talents/gifts. *
The LCMS Staff care about me. *
I am happy to be at this school. *
I feel like I am a part of this school. *
Any overall feedback for helping you feel more involved and a part of the LCMS Family? *
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How can Mrs. Wynter be a better Principal for you? *
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What grade would you give Lyons Creek MS based on your experiences as a student? *
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