OKFest Shop
OKFestival 2012 participants and partners are welcome to bring items (t-shirts, books, publications, etc) for the participants to buy during the festival at INSPIRE Foyer. We take no commission for selling the items.

Please note:
* The shop space we have is quite limited, so we cannot take a huge amount of items to sell. The shop space is allocated on in order of registration, so please sign up using this form soon!
* We cannot ship items back or transfer money back to you later on. In other words - you have to bring all the unsold items back yourself & you will receive the money from sold items in cash during OKFest.

The list of registered items will be made public during OKFest.

Title: *
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A short description of what this item is (and why it might be interesting for OKFestival 2012 participants)
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Amount of items available:
An approximate amount of items you are going to bring (this information is necessary so that we can estimate the amount of available space)
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Contact information:
Who to contact if someone wants to find out more about this item? (the contact details of the person who brought the item and/or the contact information of the publisher)
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Selling Price:
What amount do you want the item to be sold for? Prices in EUR.
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