Community Project Byte-Sized: Cloud Survey
As part of our bite-sized book project we thought it might be fun and beneficial to include a short questionnaire. Nothing fancy, just a couple of 'serious' questions combined with a dose of humor here and there. Lowering the barrier, making it easy for everyone to participate in this lovely project. Will take you 5 minutes to complete, so, what are you waiting for?!

The results will be part of the final book version, which will be launched during the E2EVC conference in Berlin - June 7-9, 2019. Also, please visit for more information.

Thank you for helping out.

All the best,

Christiaan and Bas

Q1: Do you see a need for a Unified Workspace Portal - one dashboard, a single pane of glass for all your virtual apps and desktops, SaaS, and Mobile applications, etc.? *
Q2: Where are/is your applications and data located? Or most anyway *
Q3: The use of SaaS only is a utopia for most enterprises world-wide *
Q4: Are you considering Desktop-As-a-Service (DaaS) anytime soon? *
Q5: Do you think that the next Windows Server 202.x release will include the Remote Desktop Services (RDSH) roles? *
Q6: Once released, the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop #WVD will have a major impact on DaaS going forward *
Q7: is 2019 the year of VDI/DaaS? *
Q8: How important is a Multi-Cloud and/or Hybrid Cloud strategy for your DaaS (including future DaaS) environment? *
Q9: Having a Cloud first strategy and/or vision for 2020/2025 should be a top priority *
Q10: ‘Cloud only’ can become a reality within now and 10 to 15 years *
Q11: The next Cloud war will be fought in our own data centers. Meaning, hybrid Cloud is the only true way forward. *
Q12: There’s too much focus on Cloud based workspaces and other EUC related services. The true power (and future) of ‘the Cloud’ lies within other technologies and developments like BIG data, AI, VR and more *
Q13: Traditional (Windows) applications will be with us for at least… *
Q14: If cost savings is one of your primary drivers to consider, or adopt Cloud technologies, you should rethink your game plan *
Q15: Latency, poor network configurations, and statured connections in general are a couple of the biggest threats to successful Cloud adoption *
Q16: 5G will be a game changer for everything Cloud related. *
Q17: Who will be the biggest Cloud vendor within now and five years? *
Q18: There is still too much focus on traditional solutions like VDI and SBC. They’re being kept ‘alive’ solely for revenue purposes. *
Q19: Lift and shift to the Cloud is a bad idea, period. *
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