2019 ACS Outstanding High School Chemistry Student Certificates (with a new delivery option)
To High School Chemistry Teachers and Science Teachers who teach chemistry:

The Portland Section of the American Chemical Society (Portland Section ACS) provides this form [http://bit.ly/acs-hs-certs] to assist teachers in recognizing outstanding chemistry students. The Portland Section prepares a certificate for each student named on the form and will mail (or email, your choice) the certificates to you for presentation to students during an award ceremony.

This year there are TWO OPTIONS for delivery of certificates: 1. USPS mail; and 2. EMAIL. Providing an EMAIL OPTION saves ACS Portland mailing cost and delivers the certificates to you more quickly.

If you select MAIL DELIVERY, certificates will arrive with a week of the request, mailed to you at your school.

If you select EMAIL DELIVERY, you will receive certificates usually the next day as a pdf attached file. Print certificates IN COLOR, NO SCALING, on letter-size bond or other print quality (not copy paper) paper. If your email does not allow attachments you will need to select the mailed certificate option. Certificates have been electronically signed by the Portland Section Chair and the Certificate Program coordinator. You need only to sign your name to the certificates.

A facsimile of the certificate is shown below.

Please provide your information in the form below ESPECIALLY NOTING DELIVERY OPTION.

When you are finished, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom to SEND.

All responses to this form are automatically sent to Portland Section ACS.

Deadline for nominations is May 17, 2019.

Please forward this form [http://bit.ly/acs-hs-certs] to colleagues who teach high school chemistry.

Best regards,
Martha GK Dibblee, Coordinator
HS Outstanding Chemistry Student Certificate Program
Portland Section ACS

Facsimile of certificate mailed to teacher for each student
List names below. You may submit up to 12 names. You also may designate a specific class e.g., IB chemistry or AP chemistry or by class or period.
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Certificate Delivery Options *
The default option is USPS mail delivery. Certificates will be mailed to you at your school unless you specify that you want the certificates EMAILED TO YOU. If you want certificates mailed to you at your school please ensure you have provided your COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS ABOVE. If you PREFER to have certificates EMAILED -- YOU PRINT THEM -- please make sure you have provided a correct email address BELOW.
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