Drama Club Officer Application 2017-2018
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Please select the position(s) for which you are applying: (if more than one, rank them in "OTHER" - a complete list of positions and descriptions is available on the Drama Club website) *
One goal of the RB Bronco Players is to broaden our campus and community outreach. What new ideas or activities do you hope to implement during your time in office? *
Please list all Drama Club activities in which you participated in this year AND explain your involvement with each: (i.e. all productions, Pancake Breakfast, meetings, etc) *
What makes you proud to be a Bronco Player? *
Being a Drama Club Officer requires a lot of time and effort. What other extra curricular activities are you involved in? What clubs, sports, AP classes, jobs, or other groups do you participate in after school during the year that might cause conflicts? *
What leadership qualities do you possess? Give specific examples where you demonstrated leadership. *
If you are not selected for the position you have applied for, would you consider another officer position? Are there any positions you would not consider? *
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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