St. George Bicycle Collective Consignment Agreement
Please complete this form to sell items at the St. George Bicycle Collective's Parking Lot Sale on 9 March 2019 from 10:00 - 4 PM. All proceeds from consignment sales help funding the programs of the St. George Bicycle Collective. They will help the Bicycle Collective to remain a self-sustaining community bike shop. Income generated will help us create new programs and support our existing programs in the community that:

Provide free bikes and education to children and youth through our Youth Open Shop and Ride Ready! Programs
Provide free bikes and repair help to adults in need of transportation through our Goodwill Program and the Bike Kitchen at Switchpoint CRC
Offer a community space and a low- to no-cost resource for everyone in our community - newbies and long-time enthusiasts alike
Promote bicycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation, recreation, and as a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society.

All sales will be processed through the St. George Bicycle Collective's POS system and 25% of all sale proceeds will be paid to the St. George Bicycle Collective. *
Any items that do not sell must be picked up by 16 March 2019 or will be considered donated to the St. George Bicycle Collective. *
It is your responsibility to find out if your lot has sold. You may call 435-574 9304, email, or stop in the shop at 70 W St. George Blvd. to find out. *
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