Haiyan International Dance Academy SE Portland Class Registration

All students must formally register before attending any classes at HIDA. Formal registration includes: completion of The Registration From, Photographic Waiver, and appropriate payment of tuition and fees. All tuition and fees are due on or before the first day of class.

Annual Registration Fee:
$25. Nonrefundable

Deposit Fee:
$100 Deposit Fee secures a student’s place in a class. The $100 Deposit Fee is refundable if a student gives a 30 days written notice to quit class, and the student must strictly follow Studio Policy to get fully refund of the Deposit Fee.

Copyright of Dances
All dances choreographed and taught by HIDA staff are HIDA’s property. HIDA owns the copyrights of those dances. Students need to request permissions from HIDA in writing to perform all dances taught by HIDA staff outside of HIDA. The request may or may not be approved.

Dance Attire:
The uniform for boys is black ballet tights, white t­shirt, white socks, and white shoes.
The uniform for girls is a leotard, tights, and ballet slippers. The leotard should be plain, solid color, with no embellishments, rhinestones, or skirts.

The color of leotard will correspond to the class level:
Pre­ballet: Pink leotard
Beginning Ballet: White leotard Pre­professional Ballet: Black leotard, Pale, "ballet" pink dance tights should be worn. The tights should be free from holes, runs, or tears.
Pink leather or canvas split sole ballet slippers should be worn.
Hair for girls should be in a classical ballet bun. If needed, YouTube offers many videos demonstrating bun making techniques.
Small stud earrings are the only jewelry permitted. No necklaces, watches or bracelets are allowed.

HIDA respectfully asks students and families to abide by the studio's dress attire guidelines. For your convenience, all required clothing is available for purchase at the studio.

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