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Ever wanted to craft items that are FC workshop exclusives? Well now you can!

Bring all of the finished mats, and our dedicated party of alts will get you settled straight away!

The MCC commits to have every recipe unlocked as soon as possible!

**This service is available every Wednesday from 7-9 EST. Please enter your request by the Monday before the Wednesday slot you'd like to reserve. 48 Hour notice is required to ensure proper coverage.**

Each guest gets a 20 minute block. In order to ensure that we can fit in everyone who would like something crafted, you will be limited to 3 crafted items per time slot. (If you'd like to craft FC buffs, we will craft as many that can fit in a 20 minute window.)

*Process* You will join the MCC party of 3, trade your mats to the MCC staff member and then wait while the project is finished. Please arrive at the workshop 5 minutes early to verify that you have all of the required mats on you.

**Disclaimer** The MCC will not leave any projects in the workshop, so please do your research in advance and come prepared. Incomplete projects will be discarded if they cut into another guest's reservation.

For any questions, feel free to contact Erys Night #9999 on Discord. If we don't share a discord server, I'm in the Midgardsormr server! https://discord.gg/aKqA6Ud
In-Game Name *
The name of the person entering this request
Date of Workshop Rental *
Enter the date that you'd like to rent a workshop slot. If you have your own party of 4, send the FC an application and it'll get approved as soon as possible. (You can apply from the Placard of Mist Ward 12, Plot 5) Guests who have their own parties can book this service on any day of the week that the venue is not rented. Please ensure to check the Event Calendar in advance.
Select Time Slot *
Select 1 (one) time slot that you would like to reserve this service. Please keep in mind, this service is only available Wednesday nights. *Note: We will consider extending this service for longer hours, depending on popularity!*
Workshop Order *
What items will you be crafting? **Please use the in-game spelling and verify that the spelling is correct before submitting.** Each time slot is limited to 3 crafted recipes to ensure each reservation can start on time. Please bring all of the finished mats (no raw mats please, come fully prepared in advance). In the event that you have time left over, you are allowed to craft until your time runs out.
If you'd like confirmation that your reservation has been accepted, leave an email address!
Service Acknowledgement *
As a guest using a service of the Midgardsormr Community Center, I agree to come prepared with all of the materials for the company workshop crafts that I intend to complete in my inventory. In the event that I do not have the materials and cannot acquire them within 30 minutes, the MCC is not responsible for discarded projects. (Honestly, work with us. For this service to work, it is critical that guests have all of the mats they need in advance and the MCC staff would like to avoid the drama that comes with having to discard an incomplete project. Please take responsibility and ensure that you have everything you need in advance.)
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