Accelerate Business Transformation
The intent of this survey is to help leaders identify what it will take them to accelerate and realize
the benefits of the transformation. The survey has 9 behaviors that describe each of the three
enabling leadership capabilities: energize people with a purpose; use stretch goals to move quickly
from vision to results; and engage large numbers of people. On each element, slide the circle to the
left or to the right depending on how you regularly manage yourself in that element. The survey will
take about 20 minutes. Thanks for participating
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Energize people by creating a shared purpose
Assess your ability to energize your organization. Slide circle to rate from 1 to 5 (best)
Shared purpose
I focus more on explaining the HOW´s of the transformation, before agreeing on the WHY and WHAT we want to achieve
I help people connect their individual purpose with the company's vision first, and then I open the dialogue for the WHAT´s and the HOW´s
Stretch goals
I tend to set goals that are far too distant or ambiguous
I work with my team to set stretch goals that inspire us to transform the business
Differentiating capabilities
It is difficult for me to describe how the company will make a difference in the market
I´ve helped my team focus on building a set of capabilities
Which behavior will make you a better leader?
What will be impact in your team?
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Set stretch goals
Asses your ability to move the organization quickly from vision to results. Rate from 1 to 5 (best)
Collective thinking
I let each functional area to work individually to figure out their part on the strategy
I bring areas together to brainstorm ideas and opportunities about the initial strategy
Rapid results
I assume strategy is lineal: that assumptions are true, ideas will work, and results will be achieved
I empower cross-functional teams to run a series of market tests to figure out our strategy
Functional areas execute their part of the strategy,report progress, and make plans going forward
Cross-functional teams refine the strategy, and make decisions about whether to fail or scale, based on the market tests
Which behavior will make you a better leader?
What will be the impact in your team?
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Engage large groups in transformation
Assess your ability to engage large numbers of people. Slide circle to rate from 1 to 5.
I engage the most powerful group of brains in the company to design and control the process, because I believe change is so complex
I empower managers across the organization to take the lead on parts of our strategy, and engage more people to follow them and achieve results
Leadership brand
We have no guidance on what leadership capabilities we look for
I communicate to managers what is expected from them as leaders to win in the market
We rely on training, mentoring, and networking to develop skills
I help my managers grow as leaders as part of their work achieving business results
What behavior will make you a better leader?
What will be the impact in your team?
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