Registration for JML Jitterbug - The Family Dance Contest
JML Founder's Week December 2019 - The Family Dance Contest
Get together with the folks and participate in The Family Dance Contest to be held on Sunday, 15th Dec, 2019. You will be notified of details in due course. Please fill in your details correctly for us to contact you with ease. Please send in your entries by 29th November, 2019 to help us plan better.
Please read the rules at the end of this form.
Name of Student *
If you have more than one child, please register with only one. All can be involved in the performance as a family.
Standard *
Parent's Phone Number *
Parent's Email Address *
Family members participating *
Minimum 2 and maximum 6 participants - including the student. Family members include mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother & grandfather. Write name and relation with student... for example, XYZ - Mother, ABC - Father, etc.
Song Name *
Please give as much detail as possible. We will be screening the songs to check for suitability. The length of the performance must be between 2 and 4 minutes. Preferred quality of the song is 320kbps
Song Artist's Name
Movie / Album
Link to the song (if available)
Some rules to keep in mind:
1. Based on the entries received, we will create categories according to the age of the student.
2. The duration of the performance must be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes.
3. We will screen the songs for suitability.
4. All props and extra items must be brought by you. Costumes will also be subject to approval.
5. Please edit the song to the exact length required before sharing it with us for the final performance.
6. We hope for a great response, and if the number of entries exceeds the expected number, an elimination round might be conducted at an earlier date.
7. Judges have been appointed to make decisions owing to their expertise and knowledge. Questioning their judgement will not be entertained or respected. The school is not responsible for the decisions made by the judge.
8. Explicit lyrics and inappropriate costumes, dance moves and anything else will not be accepted. All costumes are subject to scrutiny.
9. Remember to have lots of fun in the process!
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