WFAD Membership survey - Key areas
At the 2020 Annual Congress the WFAD 10-year Strategic plan was adopted, which lays out the focus areas for the coming ten years. To gain momentum and have a clear international voice (a part from the important areas of advocacy and the prevention to recovery- chain) WFAD will focus particularly on two key areas: The Rights of the Child to be protected from illicit drugs and the issue of Women and substance use disorders. These key areas are an integral part of WFAD’s Action plan 2020-2022 and work in the years to come.

To meet our goals set in the Action plan, WFAD will offer capacity strengthening and activities to all members on the two key areas of women and children. In order to do so, we need to map the current knowledge and needs among our members.

The following survey aims to map the current work done by members on the two key areas, what is lacking, which support members wish and where to place focus in regards to offering capacity strengthening activities.

Please try to answer as concretely as you can, as your answers will form basis for our future work on these areas. Thank you!

The survey is two-fold, with questions on the two topics in two individual sections. The survey will end with overall feedback and suggestions.

We ask all members to fill out the survey, if you wish to skip a question write "N/A". It is important that also members who do not work specifically with women and/or children to answer so to provide information on how WFAD can best support all members.
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